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1) Starting a day with FILLUP at Elementary school of Pozořice... 2) Ice breaking game to get known each other... 3) Final activity. To draw or to write something to spanish children in spanish school... 4) Final group photo after whole day of having fun. The children really enjoyed it so much... 5) Finally having lunch in VAŇKOVKA shopping center. I found this fast food - Casa Mexicana, really interesting dishes... 6) Travelling from Brno to my hometown Chropyně because Sergio must try uncle's suit for the ball. Train is over crowded so we are sitting on the floor because we are so tired... 7) We are still full from the lunch so we are just having delicious CHAI LATTE!... 8) Seriously, we are really tired. We almost didn't sleep last night... 9) Having delicious dinner from the best chef ever, my grandma...

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10. 2. 2015 13:20:29
10. 2. 2015 12:13:09
respekt, že se tvému milému podařil ten míč...já měla co dělat i s pumpičkou :)) super týden!
8. 2. 2015 9:17:47

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