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1) So I survived the way from Prague to Ostrava. I just got an affair with the crew man when he tried to kick me out of my seat. I was buying the ticket online through ČD app and I bought reservation to 2nd call. The app doesn't recognize 1st and 2nd class so it gave me seat in 1st class (I haven't even realised it that I was in 1st class). So I told him that I'm not going anywhere that it's their problem and they should repear the app and that I'm tired etc. In the end he let me sit there and after that he eve came to talk with me and he gave me this gift :D... 2) I slept so looong time... 3) It's nice weather... 4) So I'm going to Minigolf with Zdenička. She will be working here and I should too sometimes but I don't know if I feel myself for it... 5) It's not seen on the photo but everyone says me that I'm really tined :D... 6) It's getting bad weather... 7) So I'm coming back to the dorms :)... 8) Beautiful sunset in the evening... 9) And finally after 2 weeks checking WoL :)

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10. 5. 2015 21:17:03
So 5 pecka /mimojiné/ :-)
10. 5. 2015 19:14:06
Hodně pestrý a výborně nafocený týden. Ty jídla vypadají opravdu velmi dobře :-)
9. 5. 2015 12:24:00

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