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Whole day spent at work in the office and my boss bought me HTML/CSS course so I started to improve my skills :D... Sweet welcome at home with Sára. Zdenička brought her dog for a week :)... And this little clothes with ducks are for my future baby :D :D :D Zdenička is crazy. They had it at home and she brought it to me because I love ducks, everybody knows. I will definitely save it and once, after few years, maybe it will be used :D... Honza surprised with deicious salad and I am making laundry all night...

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17. 9. 2015 21:41:35
pěkný psí týden ... :-)
17. 9. 2015 20:20:41
Bezva týden, nějak podobně funguje moje mladší dcera... :-)
17. 9. 2015 13:07:00
Koukám zase jedna výtahovka a pak čtu, že to byla návštěva na kolejích :D Paráda;-)

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