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After working Thursday and coming back to home, I'm anxiously watching Armin's Facebook and his live video where we is gonna to announce the big new! And it's here, 13.5.2017 he will play in Amsterdam in Amsterdam arena for 50 000 people, 20 years of solo career so it will be Best of Armin after 20 years, wuááá! And it's on Libča's Birthday. Immediately calling to uncle Paul, Libča, Honza and everyone will go! :D Next week starts presale, yes! :)) After one year we'll be back on the scene in Amsterdam as well as last year :D... Mucinqa wants to cuddle all the time, she is strange D... I bought some new yummy for her :)

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29. 11. 2016 19:32:02
Josef, Z jakého kamarádova úspěchu? :)) Šárko, děkuji. :))
29. 11. 2016 17:39:34
Ahoj Romčo =) Máš bezva číču!
29. 11. 2016 15:20:43
...sdílím tu Tvou radost z kamarádova úspěchu...určitě to bude zážitek...

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next dayright arrow 98th week - 10. 11. 2016